Returning to the Source, Part II

In our DM yesterday we talked about the need to return to our source in difficult times like ours—not to escape but to recharge and renew our spirits for the struggles ahead. 

The all-consuming task of keeping up with the news. Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

Daily news, journalism, has its place of course.  We need to be continually kept abreast of the signs of our times, the signs of shadow and the signs of grace. 

But we cannot dwell twenty-four hours a day within the day-by-day. 

We also need to return to the source to the bigger context, to the larger story that is greater than the daily news.  The stories of wisdom and awe, reverence and gratitude, that nurture us and that brought us forward into this vast and graced universe. 

We need to return to the Source whom most mystics name as Love.

Let us, in the next segment of our DM journey, drink from this source insofar as it is named by our species’ many religious and spiritual traditions. 

“Kiss the Earth” Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

This we share in common, an invitation to not take nature or creation for granted.  I often define the mystic as “one who has learned not to take for granted.” 

Not to take for granted our bodies and their wondrous capacities; nor the air; nor the sun; nor the moon; nor the darkness; nor the silence; nor the plants; nor the soil, nor the animals; nor the winged ones; nor the fishes; nor the waters; nor the forests; nor the soil. 

Not our time on earth.  Nor our Earth.

A flight of birds by moonlight. Photo by luizclas from Pexels

Here is how Russian Orthodox writer Dostoyevsky puts it in Brothers Karamazov:

Love all Creation.
The whole and every grain of sand in it.
Love every leaf,
and every ray of light.
Love the plants.
Love the animals.
Love everything.

If you love everything
you will perceive the Divine Mystery
in all things.
Once you perceive it
you will comprehend it better every day.
And you will come, at last,
to love the whole world
with an all embracing love.

Say what you will, whether religion or spirituality acknowledge it or not, all human experiences—including spiritual experiences—are set in the matrix of Creation itself.

Honey bee pollinating a cucumber flower. Kathy Keatley Garvey, UC Davis Department of Agriculture

Our existence is totally interdependent with the existence of stars, planets, the sun, rocks, water, plants and trees, flowers, birds, supernovas, galaxies, atoms, the fireball that was the origin of the universe.

All time and space comes together in our deep selves not only at the physical level and the level of DNA but also at the level of our psychic and spiritual and emotional selves.

See Matthew Fox, One River, Many Wells: Wisdom Springing from Global Faith Traditions, pp. 26-28.

Banner Image: Meadow meditation. Photo by Spencer Selover on Pexels.

Queries for Contemplation

Is Dostoyevsky offering you a useful spiritual practice in his poem?  Be with his words.  Be silent with his words.  Let the wisdom wash over you in silence.  Let gratitude and reverence arise.  Bathe in it.

Recommended Reading

One River, Many Wells: Wisdom Springing from Global Faiths

Matthew Fox calls on all the world traditions for their wisdom and their inspiration in a work that is far more than a list of theological position papers but a new way to pray—to meditate in a global spiritual context on the wisdom all our traditions share. Fox chooses 18 themes that are foundational to any spirituality and demonstrates how all the world spiritual traditions offer wisdom about each.

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10 thoughts on “Returning to the Source, Part II”

  1. Avatar

    Dear Mr. Fox,
    Thank You very much for this wonderful meditation and for this quote from Fyodor Dostoyevsky! I’m actually 18 years old Russian and to be honest I don’t read Dostoyevsky yet because when we were studying him at school a year ago, I thought that he was quite depressive writer (maybe he partly was), but I never heard about something like that from him! It’s absolutely amazing! It’s strange that I hardly even find this quote in Russian in the internet. I’m quite shocked. Now, I will read “Brothers Karamazov”! Thank You!
    And, (if I’m writing this comment, I should say this!) thank You for Your talks on Mysticism, Cosmic Christ, role of elders, sense of the Sacred! I respect You very much for Your love of Nature and activism! God bless You!
    Also thanks to DM’s team)
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Avatar
    Barbara Schwartzbach

    Brilliant and inspiring ? Reading your post daily fills me with Love and Hope, also calls me to action. Best to you and your team, you all are a gift to humanity”

  3. Avatar

    Yes! reading this post and poem and listening to Matthew’s voice here brings me into a “state of emergence” while we face into our climate emergency.

    1. Gail Sofia Ransom

      May your phrase, state of emergence while we face our climate emergency, inspire us to develop ourselves as as mystic warriors, lovers of creation, and defenders of the earth. I have heard this decade re-name the decade of restoration rather than the decade of destruction. How we perceive ourselves does make a difference!
      Gail Sofia Rasom
      For the Daily Meditation Team

  4. Avatar

    I’m very thankful for your bringing so much to light. I look forward each day to the wisdom and beauty that you bring. And I am called to action on behalf of our earth and all creatures!

  5. Avatar

    I have been using the NABr for my prayer and meditation. I looked at several different Bibles trying to trace the version that Matthew uses. It is not the RSV nor RSVr nor Jerusalem Bible. Is it possibly his own translation?

      1. Avatar

        Thank you Matthew. Every morning I so look forward to doing your meditation. Creation spirituality has replaced dogma, original blessing has replaced original sin for me. I now commune with the beautiful cardinals that visit our feeder and the cats that are our companions. The ashes today remind me that we are from star dust. Creativity for me is coming forth in a book JESUS GARDENS ME that won a contest for free publication. I am daily reminded of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Blessings on you. How wonderful that your reach goes to the 18 year old Russian, ANDREY SMAKOTIN.

  6. Avatar
    Anne Marie Raftery

    Today’s DM ending with Dostoyevsky “Love All Creation” together with Ps. 19 is gracing me with all I need Today and Tomorrows as a human in this lovely universe! Thank You!

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