Lies build on lies.  Is any of it masculine?  Or healthy?

Speaking truth at protest for black lives. Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash.

Masculinity includes truth-seeking, not running from the truth and hiding from it.

There is a reason why Satan is called “the Father of Lies.”  Without truth or some semblance of it, without a search for truth, a hunting and gathering for truth, we all dry up.  This is why the January 6 commission is so important and those who voted not to participate chose to wrap themselves in a lie, run from the truth and, of course, hurl rocks, stones and more lies at those trying to get to the truth.

To be afraid of truth is to be a wimp, a less-than-man.  Indeed, a less than human, as Hildegard of Bingen puts it.  

A real person—and a real man–searches for truth and does not peddle lies.  Truth is natural to the human heart, just as food is natural to the human stomach.  “The proper objects of the heart,” says Thomas Aquinas, “are truth and justice.”  Truth and justice go together.  Without truth, there can be no justice.  Without justice, there can be very little truth.  Our hearts are made for truth, not for lies.

bell hooks presenting on how spiritual teachers cultivate wisdom through lived experience. Posted to Flickr by bell hooks.

bell hooks comments that Stoltenberg, in his book, The End of Manhood, continually emphasizes that men can honor their own selfhood only through loving justice.  He asserts: ‘Justice between people is perhaps the most important connection people can have.’  Loving justice for themselves and others enables men to break the chokehold of patriarchal masculinity.*  

Justice and truth go together.  Injustice and lying go together.  Authentic masculinity chooses the former.  A failed and sick masculinity chooses the latter.

*bell hooks, all about love: New Visions, pp. 41f.

Adapted from Matthew Fox, The Tao of Thomas Aquinas, pp. 101-112.

To read a transcript of Matthew Fox’s video teaching, click HERE.

Banner Image: Fox News banner in Boston, MA. Originally posted to Flickr by mroach.

Queries for Contemplation

Is it your experience also that truth and justice go together?  And that you can’t have one without the other?  What follows from that?

Recommended Reading

The Tao of Thomas Aquinas: Fierce Wisdom for Hard Times

A stunning spiritual handbook drawn from the substantive teachings of Aquinas’ mystical/prophetic genius, offering a sublime roadmap for spirituality and action.
Foreword by Ilia Delio.
“What a wonderful book!  Only Matt Fox could bring to life the wisdom and brilliance of Aquinas with so much creativity. The Tao of Thomas Aquinas is a masterpiece.”
–Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit

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11 thoughts on “Lying vs. Masculinity”

  1. Avatar

    What I appreciated about todays DM, which I hope Mathew will expand on, is defining what truth is, as I sense that this is important to establish as we continue on this journey that Mathew is leading us on. The Father of Lies, is really good at questioning that which we define as truth. This has been made evident in the gospel stories of Jesus’s 40 day vision quest in the wilderness, as well as his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.

    I also know that within my own spiritual journey of self growth, development and maturity, that there was alot of unlearning of things I once believed to be true, lies I once held to be truth. Hence the importance of defining more clearly the proper objects of the heart, as Thomas Aquina has made reference to.

    What I also found interesting in assisting us with this defining of truth and the ways to access this, being not just through the heart, but also the belly were and are an important part of this as well. What came to mind were Mathew’s teachings on the chakras, inparticular the heart and the three other lower chakras. Perhaps Mathew will consider in future DM’s, as we proceed, speaking more about defining truth, and the pathways of not only accessing this, but also discerning truth from lies.

    1. Richard Reich-Kuykendall
      Richard Reich-Kuykendall

      Jeanette, When one starts dealing with the “Father of Lies” one needs to have the Truth in order to confront the lies. You say, “Perhaps Mathew will consider in future DM’s, as we proceed, speaking more about defining truth, and the pathways of not only accessing this, but also discerning truth from lies.” That is exactly what we need!

  2. Avatar

    John 8:31: Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Jesus was asked by Pontius Pilate “What is truth?” It is the abiding question which remains so relevant at this time when the search for justice remains the abiding quest in the global commons.

  3. Avatar

    Never be mistaken, truth-seekers are not prideful nor narcissistic, not Proud Boys or qanonense prophets, but simple, courageous (think “heart”—‘cor’) people of love and compassion who are also passionate! }:- a.m.

  4. Avatar

    Clearly, lies result in death, not only of the body but also of the soul. Soul carnage is the end product. Those who rely on lies want to confuse and divide people by proclaiming that there is no truth except what they teach. Justice does depend on truth, and the truth does make us free.

  5. Avatar

    I love so much Matt’s reflection on truth and justice. I would add to that duo, love. When I tell someone the truth about something, without love in my heart, I have come to believe that it’s not truth that I am speaking. I may be saying something that is “correct” and / or “accurate” but it’s not Truth (capital T).
    Much gratitude for Matt’s thoughts,
    Kristal Parks

    1. Richard Reich-Kuykendall
      Richard Reich-Kuykendall

      Kristal, You’re right. Speaking of what is correct or accurate is NOT the same as saying what is the Truth.

  6. Avatar

    God’ Spirit of Love(Compassion)~Light(Wisdom/Truth/Justice)~Life(Beauty/Peace/Joy/Creativity)….
    Blessings to all our sisters and brothers, all living creatures, nature, Mother Earth, Cosmos and all our ongoing Creation/Consciousness as co-Creators with-in God’s Living/Present Spirit….

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