Dear Readers of the Daily Meditations,

I am writing to tell you that for one month I will be stepping back some from writing new daily meditations.  

Essential Writings on Creation Spirituality by Matthew Fox, ed. Charles Burack

The meditations arriving this month will still be from me but gathered by Rick Reich, a student of creation spirituality with a D.Min. from UCS (the University of Creation Spirituality) who has assisted the DM process for several years.  

He will draw especially from his manuscript on Meditations with Matthew Fox , which draws from many of my books, and from the recent collection of Essential Writings of Mathew Fox published by Orbis books.

The DM will be a bit shorter and without videos by me for this month but the same competent and creative team will offer pictures and videos to accompany the text.

I step away to focus on a book I am currently writing on my mentor Père Chenu, who named the creation spirituality tradition for myself and all of us.  His life and story are amazing and I am profiting from learning more about it.  

“Marie-Dominique Chenu,” from biography in Backward View blog, 2/12/2012; photographer unknown

But he and his writings are so rich, I need to focus more deeply to get the job done. 

Also, I am told we have written 1527 DM’s since we started four years ago! So a break will be good for me and all of us, I am sure.  If some pertinent event arises, I will jump in to have my say.

Meanwhile, be well and live deeply.


Matthew Fox

Banner Image: Matthew Fox and Richard Reich-Kuykendall in the Hildegard Library at the University of Creation Spirituality, Oakland, CA, 1997. 

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19 thoughts on “A Special Note from Matthew Fox”

  1. Avatar

    It might be well to consider letting Rick Reich write his own original commentary for the Daily meditations. As a student, and graduate, is now not the time to let Rick, as substitute teacher, stand in front of the class and teach in his own words and style? Otherwise how is he to grow and the Daily Meditations carry on past the Matthew Fox era. Consider the branding looking like “Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox and Friends”. — BB.

  2. Avatar
    Jeanette Metler

    Mathew, I hope that you enjoy this time away to focus on the writing of your new book about your mentor Chenu. I look forward to reading it once published. Thank you also for the DM’s and your contributions over the past 4 years. I’ve benefited from your giveaway in so many ways, as have others. I look forward to Rick Reich’s and the rest of the teams contributions to and continuation of the DM’s over the next month. Blessings to all.


  3. Avatar

    Thanks for all you share.
    I have kept many of you DMs and refer to them.
    Blessings on your writing a new book!

  4. Avatar

    Dear Matthew, I am so happy to hear you are writing a book about your mentor and friend Pere Chenu. This is a fertile time where much creativity and communion will come to you. You will need all the love and time you can give yourself and all the love your spiritual guides and friends will provide you so you may experience the person Pere Chenu and the wisdom and mysteries of Creation Spirituality. It is a time for you to have communion with Creation,
    a time to experience her love, energy and revelations. As you know, creation is so alive, and present to us if we pay attention to her. Go swimming as much as you can in a lake. Take a walk in the nature. Sit by a fire.
    Be in nature and let your spirit guide you.
    Do what you love! Open your heart so you may be nurtured by Creation and much will be revealed to you!
    It will be through your own daily experiences with Creation, with Spirit, with Nature, with Pere that this book will unfold. I know how important and meaningful these personal experiences will have on your writing.
    I wish you everything you need. I wish the very best for Rick Reich and the DM team.
    Much love to you.

  5. Avatar
    Dr.Mary Gayle Selfridge

    Dear Matt, We have been Spirit friends since our30s when we often did programs on the same venue.I did Therapeutic Touch and you the lessons of Spirit.We are both in our 80s now.I look for ward to your book.I just finished co writing Tall Moon Diaries about coming of age as an indigenous male.Iwill miss seeing you each morning and wish you blessings dear friend.Mary Gayle

  6. Avatar

    I’ve followed your daily messages for the past 4 years and the Blessings have been great for me .Born into a Catholic family 81 years ago I’ve remained in the one religion but my idea of God has differed greatly from traditional Catholicism You have been a comfort and an inspiration. Thankyou
    Kia kaha

  7. Avatar

    I will hold you in the Light and pray fr this to be a rich time of refreshment. Thank you for your work.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you Matthew and friends for your ongoing reflections and contributions in the field of the Sacred Earth and Creation saving. You always give us food for thought. I wish you well for your new adventure Matthew and Thank you Rick for you dedication too.

  8. Avatar

    Dear Matthew–I shall miss you and also look forward to Rick’s contributions. Bless you in this new book creation. Make sure to get some well deserved R&R as well.

  9. Avatar

    so glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself and taking a break. I know that we all will benefit from it.

  10. Avatar

    Blessings on you, Matthew, as you take this time away to focus on your new book. I too send prayers for long, rich, inspired, delightful hours of research, memories, and writing during which epiphanies come racing to you and your heart is filled with joy.

  11. Avatar

    A break but not a rest Matthew is what you need at this time. . I know when we are doing what we have a passion for, we need no rest, but taking care of oneself with necessary breaks is a good idea. I send my best wishes as you write your next best seller. Kudos to you from Darlene Lamb, Class of 1996/97 UCS who gifted my image of the cloud that looked like an angel carrying a baby to you with God’s message to me that ‘everything IS okay’. And so it is.

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