Back to Happier News: A Mystic-Prophet in Our Midst

We have taken a slight detour to raise the alarms that need raising around the US Bishops Conference electing an Opus Dei bishop as their leader.  That shocking news was understandably drowned out by the Impeachment hearings and news of Ukrainian struggles against both the Russian president and the American president.

Women of the Group of Missing Relatives demonstrate in front of the Government Palace during the Pinochet military regime. Photo by Kena Lorenzini, Museum of Memory and Human Rights. Wikimedia Commons.

In this context it made some sense to talk as we did yesterday about the challenge to mature spirituality of learning to pray the news.  When it’s good and when it’s bad.

When it’s about nature and her glories; and when it is about nature and the peril Mother Earth finds itself in. 

When it is about human nature; and when it is about the shadow side of human nature as, for example, the rise of the secretive, misogynist, power-oriented Opus Dei sect whose hierarchy has wreaked havoc with the base communities and liberation theology priests and martyrs of South America in our lifetimes.  This secret and patriarchal society helped overthrow Allende in Chile and assisted the dictator Pinochet as he ruled for years amidst torture and disappeareds.

Aeesha and Kokomon Clottey at the AHC 30th Anniversary celebration. Photo used with special permission.

We move on now from Opus Dei and focus again on better news such as people responding to the Good News that promises “justice will flow like waters” and the poor will inherit the earth.

Let us focus on some mystic-prophets in our midst who are living out the via transformativa in their work and lives.  In particular I want to celebrate today the work of Aeesha and Kokomon Clottey who have lived in West Oakland for many years doing amazing work in the community through their organization, the Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC).  

Color Theory by Aeesha and Kokomon Clottey.

Kudos are also due to Jerry Jamplowski and Diane Cirincione for they have assisted the Clotteys with a nonviolent philosophy that teaches love is the opposite of fear, a philosophy that Aeesha and Kokomon have put into practice in a big way for many years.

It was my privilege, along with my assistant Dennis Edwards, to attend recently a special gala event honoring the thirty years of inspiring Via Transformativa work of Aeesha and Kokomon in both education and community healing. Their gifts to the community speak volumes: not only their many workshops on Racial Healing, but also their book, Color Theory: Race is a Powerful Illusion

The logo of AHC taken from official website, which can be found HERE

I have been privileged to work with Aeesha and Kokomon over the years on many occasions.  Kokomon led a class in drumming as meditation with my Yellawe program for inner city teenagers for example. 

We will speak to these and other accomplishments of theirs in tomorrow’s Daily Meditation. For more on AHC’s work, click HERE.

Adapted from: Matthew Fox, Confessions: The Making of a Post-denominational Priest, pp. 327-350.

Banner image: Matthew Fox and Aeesha at the AHC 30th Anniversary Celebration. Photo used with special permission.

Queries for Contemplation

Notice the role that art as meditation, drumming for example works in this very successful project in West Oakland.  Painting is also a big part of their work as we shall see tomorrow and the next day.  Consider anew how “art as meditation is the way of the prophets.”

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2 thoughts on “Back to Happier News: A Mystic-Prophet in Our Midst”

  1. Avatar

    Your questions yesterday were powerful! This tack you’ve taken with the challenges presented to “the church” are wonderful and very necessary to be made public. The public needs to begin discussing these issues if the religious areas of society worldwide are not aware what is going on with the Catholic Church as presented by your messages. I’m so glad you are taking this route, and I have no money to give, but I intend to stand with you on the issues you raise concerning all of us who truly care about what is happening to Our Creator’s people and God’s Children around the world (and perhaps “out in space”).
    Thanks for these Daily Meditations. I find they are very helpful to me and my enlightenment.
    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Avatar

    Powerful, Sobering, Truthful “stuff of life” for prayer and action.
    At the moment, I’m reading and praying your, “Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh”.
    So happy your Year of Silence has been so fruitful!!
    Thank you, Rev. Matthew.

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