Another reason the archetype of the Black Madonna is reaching out to us today is that Black Lives Matter and Women’s Lives Matter and Gay and Transgender Lives Matter.  It is time that the oppression of people of color and of women, gays and transgender peoples the world over must be challenged.  

“Progressive Flag” showing pride colors as well as trans and POC colors. Photo by Just Jack on Unsplash.

Racism, sexism and homophobia have ruled for long enough under Patriarchy. 

The Black Madonna leads the way for she is the Universal Mother, fully accepting of the immense and praiseworthy diversity of our species in all its marvelous wonderfulness.  The “Me Too” movement has empowered many women to speak out and tell the truth of their abuse in workplaces and in home.  All this is a sign of the times and the Black Madonna is both listening and urging with renewed energy and passion for justice and balance.  

The Black Madonna is a symbol of the return of the Divine Feminine that is so needed to inspire and empower girls, women and men also.  People of all colors and backgrounds are invited to this dance of humanity in all its diversity.

Black mother and children wearing traditional head wrapping. Photo by Samuel Aboh on Unsplash.

We are all descendants of Mother Africa and the African Mother who mothered our species.  Why should religion fight against religion or ethnic group against ethnic group when at the heart of all religion there lies a zeal to connect to the Sacred, to the One, to the All, to the Mother?  

She is a Cosmic Black Madonna.  From the ancient story that a meteorite struck the earth and birthed the original Black Madonna, to the story in Islam of the holy shrine made of black stone in Mecca also thought to have originated form a meteorite that fell from the heavens, called the Kaaba wherein a black Mariam, Mother of Jesus, is carved, to the 12 stars representing the 12 signs of the zodiac and therefore cosmic universality, the sense of the Cosmic Mother and the Cosmic Mary (a companion to the Cosmic Christ), many are the stories that underscore the cosmic sense that the Black Madonna awakens us to.  

How important and timely is that when at this moment in history we are receiving from science a new story of the cosmos, a new creation story therefore that is universal and transcends cultural and religious boundaries?  We await the findings of the Webb Telescope with excitement.  

Adapted from Matthew Fox, “Forward: The Return of the Archetype in Times of Need,” in Alessandra Belloni, Healing Journey with the Black Madonna: Chants, Music, and Sacred Practices of the Great Goddess (Rochester, Vt: Bear & CO, 2019), pp. ix-xi.

See also: Matthew Fox, The Hidden Spirituality of Men, pp. 231-244.

To read a transcript of Matthew Fox’s video teaching, click HERE.

Banner Image: Black Madonna of Częstochowa with rainbow halos, which is similar to designs from Pride Parade in Częstochowa. Photo by KamillaŚ on Wikimedia Commons.

Queries for Contemplation

How does the presence of a “Cosmic and Universal Dark Mother” speak to our times and the bringing together of the heavens and the Earth?  And of moving beyond racism and sexism?

The Hidden Spirituality of Men: Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine

To awaken what Fox calls “the sacred masculine,” he unearths ten metaphors, or archetypes, ranging from the Green Man, an ancient pagan symbol of our fundamental relationship with nature,  to the Spiritual Warrior….These timeless archetypes can inspire men to pursue their higher calling to connect to their deepest selves and to reinvent the world.
“Every man on this planet should read this book — not to mention every woman who wants to understand the struggles, often unconscious, that shape the men they know.” — Rabbi Michael Lerner, author of The Left Hand of God

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10 thoughts on “The Black Madonna vs. Racism and Sexism”

  1. Richard Reich-Kuykendall
    Richard Reich-Kuykendall

    Matthew, Today you ask: “How does the presence of a ‘Cosmic and Universal Dark Mother’ speak to our times and the bringing together of the heavens and the Earth? And of moving beyond racism and sexism?” When I read this I find there are a number of points I want to comment on. First of all I am delighted with the idea of a Cosmic Dark Mother–it only makes sense as the next step from the idea of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. So as there are these two coupled, so should the Cosmic Christ and the Cosmic Dark Mother also be coupled. And so next, I see that just as there are male and female reflected in the God who is both Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, this to me, all points to an equality of the sexes which should be respected, and this in turn should tell us that Mother Earth and Father Sky must be respected!

  2. Avatar
    Linda Chamberlain

    On the subject of the Black Madonna I have been reading Henry Adams’ book Mont Saint Michel and Chartres and the Chartres part,especially, gives a lovely description of Mary and her all-embracing loving kindness.

  3. Avatar

    Awed by the teachings in today’s DM about the Cosmic Black Mother and the stories of the meteorites being carved into an Icon of her essence and presence… within the temple… the temple being a metaphor for the hearts, minds and souls of humanity. Really appreciate the journey that we have been on together over these several months and the connections of unity being made between science and spirituality… as well as the referenced books, that I’ve been reading that links us to the mystics, both those from the past and those current, whom intuitively have paved the way, making it easier for us. People like Mathew Fox, Teilhard de Chardin, Ilia Delios, Miarbia Star and Bev Johnson, just to mention a few… as well as all of you whom participate in these DM’s. These encounters have impacted me deeply, in so many beautifully transforming ways. These spiritual connections have provided much understanding, with regards to my own journey… it’s kind of like coming home, after a long arduous soul searching journey… finding my kin. I really appreciate everyone offering their insightfull comments… it’s like gathering around the hearth, the camp fire… honoring the power of story, both individually and collectively… and all the blessings that emerge from this. Thank you all, for this amazing circle of spiritual friendship.

    1. Avatar

      Yesterday’s weekly summary of Fr. Rohr’s Daily Meditations had a lovely practice about the power of our own stories. As happens so often, the two daily meditations complement each other, and I love both and have learned so much, as well. Thank you for your always thoughtful comments.

  4. Avatar

    I too appreciate the sharing from members like you. It makes me feel close ,like a family. Blessings and love for your words.

  5. Avatar

    Ah we humans, our obsession with gender, and color too, with differences of all kinds as we employ our dualistic minds, it all blinds us to Divine LOVE from “Whom” we all emanate. }:- a.m.

  6. Avatar

    Inspired to share yesterday’s prayer again by today’s meditation and the beautiful enclosed picture of a beautiful Black mother, daughter and son:

    “Divine Feminine~Sacred Masculine~Divine Love~Cosmic Christ within, through, among, and around us in the Sacred Creative Process of the Eternally Beautiful Present Moment within, through, among and around us in All Creation~Spiritual Dimensions~Cosmos…. Amen ?❤️?

  7. Avatar

    The black Madonna reminds us that God will stretch out so fully, so eagerly and so intimately into our individual souls, revealing Her/His/Nameless One’s Love in forms and languages that WE can relate to, symbols that reach into where WE are at, when we are open to receiving those invitations to relationship. But, paradoxically, we are also reminded that the symbols and experiences we’re presented with may NOT be in forms we expect or the messages we’ve decided are “traditional”. We are sometimes nudged and even dragged kicking and screaming to think deeply about what we believe, to question our casual assumptions: in other words, to learn and grow beyond our “safety zone”. Either way, though, God reaches out to invite you into a deeper relationship,.

  8. Avatar

    As a young woman, newly married, we lived in Gatun, Panama in 1969-72,and there was a Black Madonna procession and fiesta every year. I can’t remember now what the anual dates were…A huge black madonna statue was carried thru the streets with chanting, songs and many people in the crowds were on their knees, maybe it was Ash Wednesday or Good Friday? Not sure anymore – it was an honor for the 6 or maybe 8 young men to be chosen to carry this huge wooden statue. Local Panamanians told us that the statue was carved during Spanish occupation and it was tried three times to carry her on a ship back to Spain, but all 3 times there were terrible storms and the ship had to return to the harbor. Finally, they took the statue off the ship and then it sailed back to Spain in good weather!
    I do remember there were colors on the Black Madonna’s “robes” and her face and hands were very black. These memories reinforce my growing understanding of fine feminine and healthy masculinity…thank you!

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