July 3, 2023. Justice, Holiness, Racism, History and the Supreme Court
Meister Eckhart tells us that “God and justice are completely one” and that “compassion is where peace and justice kiss.” Real justice includes eco-justice, gender justice, and economic and racial justice. But now, recent Supreme Court decisions are supposedly based on the spurious notion of “color-blindness.”  If only this were true. Sadly, history says otherwise.  

Protestor outside the Supreme Court as affirmative action cases argued inside – Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College, and Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. University of North Carolina.
Photo by Victoria Pickering on Flickr.

July 4, 2023. Holiness and Justice and Perfidy of the Supreme Court
We explore the reality that no court in our history has been so compromised as this so-called supreme court. Yes, accepting bribes and gifts from wealthy Republicans and then not reporting those gifts is completely unethical and jeopardizes the reputation of the highest court in the land. Furthermore, they overstep their bounds by acting not like a court of  jurisprudence but as another legislative branch making laws and tearing up laws that Republican lawmakers could not themselves get passed and tearing up laws decided decades ago.

July 5, 2023. Justice Jackson Challenges the Supreme Court’s Aristocracy
Justice Jackson, in the wake of the recent ruling undoing affirmative action, pronounced the following: With let-them-eat-cake obliviousness, today, the majority pulls the cord and announces ‘colorblindness for all’ by legal fiat.  But deeming race irrelevant in law does not make it so in life.  And having so detached itself from this country’s actual past and present experiences, the Court has now been lured into interfering with the crucial work [of college admissions].  Jackson packs a powerful punch of both mind (legal expertise) and heart (when she talks about experience in real life.) As Matthew says: “It is time that those who have not been treated as less than human because of the color of their skin listen up and listen deeply.”

Justice Katanji Brown Jackson speaks at the 2020 Parsons Dinner, which honors a different distinguished African-American federal jurist each year. Wikimedia Commons.

July 6, 2023. Silly SCOTUS Busy on a Non-case and a Non-existent Gay Couple
The Supreme Court recently ruled on a case, deciding that plaintiff Lori Smith would not be obliged to accept a gay client regarding his same-sex wedding due to her religious convictions. The problem is multifold: 1) The client was not gay. 2) The client was already married to a woman. 3) He is a website designer himself so why would he want to hire someone else to do that for him? The fact that this non-case about a non-couple made it to the highest court of the land and that they ruled in Smith’s favor is pathetic and dangerous.  It is a license to hate.

July 7, 2023. The Silliness—and Clear and Present Danger—of Today’s SCOTUS
Regarding the recent decision that people do not need to serve those they disagree with, one commentator said that Smith, the plaintiff, is so motivated by hatred of LGBTQ+ people that she invented an imaginary grievance, lied about it repeatedly through the various tiers of the court system, and eventually got license to deny service to a gay couple who doesn’t, technically, exist. Says Matthew: “Six judges got suckered into legalizing a more-than-stupid precedent in their eagerness to support homophobia and religious prejudice. ” The conclusion? It’s okay to invent a grievance and make up adversaries and go to certain courts and win. 

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar interviews Human Rights Campaign president Kelly Robinson on the 303 Creative v. Elenis decision as “part of a campaign of hate and discrimination to target LGBT+ people for political points.”

July 8, 2023. Justice, Injustice, More Moral Stench from the Supreme Court
In this DM we look at some of the many, many ways this Supreme Court has become so morally and ethically compromised. One of the most recent scandals to come to light is that Judge Coney Barrett spoke for a fee multiple times to the hate group called Alliance Defending Freedom. This very same group was behind the recent Lorie Smith lawsuit, pushing it to the Supreme Court. Can anyone say “conflict of interest?”

Banner image: Be a Justice, NOT a Politican. Sign at a protest of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade. Photo by Victoria Pickering on Flickr.

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