Some of the Ways We and the Earth Experience the Via Negativa.

Today we will consider some of the different ways we and the earth experience the Via Negativa. In his book, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, Matthew says that once on a lecture tour he had a dream, and it was what the Native Americans call a “Big Dream.” He said in Part I of the book that the “climax of the dream contained this refrain: ‘Your mother is dying.’” And while he found nine differently meanings for this phrase, the first one that he saw was “Mother Earth is Dying.” With this in mind read the following quotation:

Official trailer of the classic documentary, Koyaanisqatsi, which powerfully shows how out of balance our planet is. Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers.


If Jesus Christ is Mother Earth crucified, then eating and drinking at the Eucharist is the eating and drinking of the wounded earth. The ingesting of the sacrificial victim brings about an awakening of consciousness to the sufferings of Mother Earth and all her children. CC 214


We are the species that sins. There’s no evidence that any other species does. NG 62

In some way I see death as a recycling process. In some way we get recycled, it seems to me, into the pool of being. NG 156

Laughter is often our sole outlet for responding to the incongruities of life’s paradoxes and contradictions. P 87

An institution is a home for evil spirits just as a dog’s fur can be a home for the tick and the flea. P 137

See Matthew Fox, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, p. 214.

See also Fox, Natural Grace, pp. 62, 156.

See also Fox, Prayer, pp. 87, 137.

Banner image: Reflection. Photo by IvanBE pratama on Unsplash

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Share some of the ways you experience the Via Negativa in a positive way—such as in times of meditation, etc.

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